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Student, Wyatt H., gets many awards with the Texas Rabbit Breeders Association

Anyone who has met Wyatt Herzog has heard about the passion he has for his cavies! He works hard all year and travels all over the country to exhibit his homegrown, competitive cavies.
TRBA keeps points on how a kid places in the shows for the year. And they award prizes for the top youth exhibitors.
His awards for the 2023 sweepstakes points for the Texas Rabbit Breeders Association were:
1st place Abyssinian
1st place Abyssinian Satin
1st place American
1st place American Satin
2nd place Teddy
1st place Teddy Satins
2nd place Texel
1st place white cresteds
He also had a reserve in show with his Abyssinian. That is the cavy with the ribbon in the picture.
We are so proud of you, Wyatt! Congratulations!