• Parent Pick-up Map

    WVISD Parent Pick-Up Plan In an effort to keep students safe, we are implementing new pick-up procedures for the end of the school day. Parents will no longer park and get out of their vehicle. Parents will now get in the car line and follow these procedures. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work on keeping our students safe.

    ● Parents will line up along Wildcat Drive (green highlight) in a single line. Elementary students will be ready to pick up between 3:30 and 3:40.

    ● An employee will bring your child to your vehicle when you get to point 1 or 2 for elementary.

    ● Parents of high school students only will be allowed to move to the orange highlighted area in a single line. JH/HS students are released at 3:45.

    ● Parents of both elementary and high school students will pick up their elementary students first, then move to the orange line to pick up their high school students.

    ● Once you pick up your children, an employee will give you a thumbs up to exit through the crossover to Old Sterling City Highway. Please see the map on the backside of this handout. Go Wildcats!!

    Parent Pick-Up Map