• I am so very excited to be back at Water Valley this year.  I will be teaching 4th grade reading and writing as well as Texas History.  I will have some very large shoes to fill taking over for Mrs. Glass, but she left me lots of instructions so we should be ok.  This year will present us with several challenges in the classroom and online.  I promise you all it will be fine.  We are in this learning adventure together. As long as each of us does our absolute very best effort every day we can not go wrong.  I am here and ready to teach and learn each of you and learn from each of you as well.  


    The class schedule is 

    7:45-9:15 learning

    9:15-9:45 Music/RTI/Counselor time

    (depending on the day)

    9:45-10:15 recess

    10-24-11:13 PE

    11:15-11:45 Lunch

    11:45- 1 learning time

    1-1:10 disinfect class and switch 

    1:10-3:45 learning time.