• As we are fast approaching summer, several students and parents are starting to ask about our summer strength and conditioning program. I am providing this information without many details, but I want to get it out there so families can start making plans.

    We will work out Monday through Thursday from 8 AM to 10 AM. High school/junior high boys and girls at the same time. The weight room will remain open until 4 pm for those who have to work in the mornings.

    We will also have an open gym on those days until 12 pm.

    The dates are as follows:
    June 6-9
    June 13-16
    June 20-23
    June 27-30

    We will not have any organized "team" type workouts in July. That is by design. Please take this time to vacation, work, visit family... do whatever you need to do before August 1 and practices begin. We want all our athletes to come back mentally fresh, energized, and ready for a great season.

    Our coaches will be at school throughout the month of July and all of our facilities will be available for everyone to use.

    I will send out a calendar for the summer as soon as possible.

    C. Boles