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Ag Mech Scores at Austin!

Congratulations to all of the Ag Mech Exhibitors at Rodeo Austin! Our Water Valley kids did an amazing job this weekend and we are extremely proud of them! Congratulations guys and gals!!
Class 3- Molly and Hudson Wilkerson- Blue Ribbon Project
Class 6- Weston Sutton, Colt Lange, Brett Coleman- Blue Ribbon Project
Class 6- Journey Wiese- Blue Ribbon Project
Class 7- Kaige Lange and Aly Greebon- Blue Ribbon Project
Class 11- Cutter Lange and Gunnar Brooks - Blue Ribbon Project, Showmanship Champion
Class 11- Hudson Wiese- Blue Ribbon Project, 2nd in class
Class 14- Brylan Naylor- Blue Ribbon Project, 1st in class
Class 15- Boston Wiese- Blue Ribbon Project