• WVISD Technology Vision Statement


    The Water Valley ISD Technology Planning Committee worked to create the district’s technology plan.  The committee updates the plan annually to address the needs of the students and staff.  Membership is comprised of teachers, students, administrators, parents, and local business people. 

    The Water Valley ISD Technology Plan addresses all aspects of technology activities for the district from classroom instruction to district-level administrative functions.  The plan takes into account that a high-quality organization requires appropriate, effective technology resources to enhance operations.

    Water Valley ISD recognizes the increasing role technology plays in the support of both instructional and administrative activities in the district.  Technology supports and enhances traditional educational activities as well as opening the door to information and opportunities which would otherwise be impossible.

    The district’s vision is to integrate technology into teaching and learning and to use technology to support the administrative functions required for daily communication and operations.  The goal of technology in the classroom is to provide instruction through technology in addition to teaching students how to use the technology resources available to them.

    To reach these goals, Water Valley ISD shall continue to improve student and staff access to technology.  Through training, continued integration of technology into curriculum and instruction will be possible.  Continual improvement of infrastructure and support systems will provide the foundation for perpetual technology growth. 

    Successful application of technology will require the efforts of students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the community. Success will also require adequate financial and human resources to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing technological environment.

    WaterValley ISD will review all allocations and expenditures to ensure the activities and projects outlined in this plan are in compliance with its needs,goals, objectives and strategies.  The Water Valley ISD Technology Plan both supports and complements the District Improvement Plan as well as the District Goals established by the Water Valley ISD Board of Trustees.