• WVISD Family, 

    WVISD is continuing to monitor Covid-19 and its effects on our school and community.

     As we have previously gone through several spikes in cases, we realize one challenge for families is getting a child tested. Living 20-30 minutes from the nearest testing facility presents a challenge for parents that work. In an effort to help with this challenge, WVISD is participating in a grant program that allows us to use a rapid antigen test on students with permission from the parents.

     This program is voluntary. We believe this program will help keep students in school if they test negative and don’t have a fever. It will also help us identify positive cases for the protection of other students and staff.

     The attached letter contains information on how to register your child for the testing program. This is a one-time registration. 

     Thank you,

     WVISD Adminstration

    Covid testing registration letter